"Don't Read This Book!"

"If you are satisfied with how the construction industry is performing – don’t read this book. If you are dissatisfied, but are looking to solve the problem by “collaborating better” in doing work in the same old way – don’t read this book.

However, if you are interested in learning a proven methodology that focuses on rethinking how construction work gets designed and made, then spend the time to read this book."

Will Lichtig

Executive Vice President, The Boldt Company

The gap in the current approach to project delivery and what to do about it

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Let's talk about productivity in Construction for the 21st Century

In this Lean Construction Blog's Podcast, Dick Bayer and Todd Zabelle discuss maturing from motivating people to work harder to managing production, how Operations Science is the answer to better project outcomes and a look to the future of construction, including automation and digital.

The Value of Operations Science and How It Can Help Untangling the Supply Chain

As billions of dollars of infrastructure money enter the playing field, supply chains, workforce, and other factors will determine how successful the next few years will be in broadband deployments.

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